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Childbirth is one of the most rewarding moments that a mother can ever have in her lifetime. It can also be one of the most challenging scenarios where a woman would need extra care. Not all women are strong physically and emotionally when it comes to delivery. Some of them may experience hurdles before and after giving birth. There is an ancient model for supporting pregnant women and those who just gave birth called Doula. Some may not be aware, but there are also Doula Services in the US even today. This ancient model comes from Greeks, where women usually have labour coaches to help them while they are pregnant, during delivery and after giving birth. There are many things that Doulas can do. They provide physical and emotional assistance to mothers and expectant mothers, whether at home or in the hospital.  

What are some of the tasks that Doulas can help with?

Some mums give birth as single parents, while some may have busy partners, or just very nervous about having their firstborns. These are some of the scenarios where a Doula can help a lot. Doulas can feed the baby when the mother is resting after delivery, or even help the mother during the process of giving birth. In some situations, mothers may not know how to properly push, so Doulas can help in making them feel comfortable. Labour coaches can arrange everything from the breastfeeding tops, to giving baby baths. In some cases, a Doula can stay with the new mother at home to help her prepare the needs of her new child and take care of her other postpartum essentials.

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How to Get a Doula

Getting a Doula shouldn't be too hard if you know a Doula support group in your area. If this is your first time to search for one, you can check birth clinics that offer such services or search through directories. It is best to get to know the Doula personally, to give her an idea of your health condition and other things that you may need to discuss about childbirth. A Doula should be aware about common issues that mothers may encounter before and after giving birth, thus she can provide good pieces of advice. Preparation is essential in the process of childbearing and a Doula can help gather the necessary materials, as well as provide emotional encouragement or preparedness to most parents.

Understanding Limitations

While Doulas can help a lot when it comes to child and mother care, it is important for parents to still keep in mind that consulting a health professional is vital. Doulas do not treat unexpected bleedings and conduct vaginal exams. These processes are done in hospitals by specialists and may require immediate care to avoid complications. A Doula should be able to lessen the burdens of new parents, but they are only there to support. Parents need to take note and prepare other things that their children would need before the expected day of delivery.