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Parents across the country will agree that they want the best possible education for their children, in the current state of the education system however, there are not enough teachers to teach the huge amount of children in the education system.So if you have ever though about becoming a teacher or teaching assistant, now could be the perfect opportunity.

Where Can I Become A Teaching Assistant?

The great thing for aspiring teacher and teaching assistants is that there is a huge demand for teaching assistants up and down the country. There are hundreds of teaching jobs in birmingham, Manchester and London that are just waiting to be filled by someone like you who aspires to help children have the best possible education.

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To be a teacher for a primary school, the usual requirements tend to be a minimum of a C grade or higher in English and Maths (and science of you want to be a science teacher), this is after some time as a placement.

To be a secondary school teacher, this usually requires A Levels and normally a bachelors degree too, due to the higher calibre of education you will have to provide.

Due to the lack of teachers that there currently are, the government has also offered generous incentives to those who decide they want to become a teacher. For example, theres a chance of getting £30,000 tax free while they're training and earn £25,000 while training on a school direct course.


If you have ever thought about becoming a teacher, now is the perfect time, with a current high demand for teachers and attractive incentives for those who decide they want to become a teacher, it could be the career change you're looking for.